Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some catching up

It is summer!! Here in the North State of California is is getting HOT! Like triple digits this week. Can I  tell you I am thankful for water? It is amazing. Nothing beats swimming on a hot day. There might be some of you wondering what happened to my absence on the blog. To be realistic there are probably more of you who had no idea :) I started teaching Spanish to the K/1 classes at my daughters school and that took up most of my discretionary time. Now that school is over I thought I would blog, whooo!

I have a dear friend here in Chico who is pregnant with her third child. We wanted to give her a shower but she has a boy and a girl and really, what else does she need? So we asked her. She said she would love to have a shower that could get some of her projects done before baby got here. Whooo! That is right up my alley. We threw her a "Nesting Shower" and put on the invitation to come in project clothes. It was a big hit! She was able to get all her projects done and it was a blast to do them with other women. Here are some pictures of the party...

We still had snacks of course and a place where we could hang some cards or money on a little tree.

Then the real fun began and we got to work. She had lots of spray painting projects, painting some of her bar stools and lining some of her kitchen cabinets with contact paper.

It was fun to be able to help her get all her projects done before baby and I know it feels good to not have those things hanging over your head when your nesting mode sets in! We are still waiting for baby's arrival and most of all I am so thankful for a community of friends that I can call family!