Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Sister's Wedding!

This week has been a blur!! We spent last weekend in Southern California to see my little sister get married, Whooo!!! She looked stunning and I definitely shed a few tears. In traditional Kristi fashion I lost my phone and didn't even bring a camera. Don't worry, I did track down my phone but was not able to have any pictures of my own from the wedding. I was super blessed to be the Maid of Honor (ok, the Matron of Honor) and all my kiddos were in the wedding. It made for a busy and fun filled day. My girls are still talking about it and how they loved all the stand up shoes (heels) :) I thought I would show you some pictures that others took of their special day. My mom did a ton of work to make it all come together. We are so thankful for a supportive and loving family and thankful to have another uncle in the family. 

Don't they look great! Also, my sister in law and her family did all the flowers and thought they turned out beautiful!

My sister loves pictures so she had a photo book made as her sign in book.

Their ceremony was at a local church. 

The reception was held at Yorba Linda Friends Church in their old building. She had 310 people come to the wedding so she needed a large space!! My mom did all the signs for the different locations and I made a little sign for the candy bar that says, "Love is sweet so take some treats"

I also made the world's largest cupcake stand pictured here. My mom and some helpers made all the cupcakes at their restaurant and then displayed them on the stand. 

There were 11 bridesmaids!!! Just so you get a sense of how many people that is, here we all are. 

I thought this was a fun picture. You can see the photographer squatting down in the front. Can't wait to see this pic!

This is a picture of my sister with my brothers. I think this picture is super special as we have all grown up together and continue to be friends. I know I am blessed to have the siblings I do. 

I am so glad that I was able to share in this special day and am thankful for new family! Love you Melissa and Kevin and can't wait to see you!


  1. Love the pictures! Melissa looks beautiful!!

  2. ahhh LOVE these pictures...such a fun day and it was so special to be a part of it in so many ways! love you kristi! love Katie


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