Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupcake Toppers

I know that summer is supposed to be upon us, but here in Chico the rain has not stopped!!! On one of the rare days that it was clear we planned to have a preschool party to celebrate the end of the year. My job was to make some kind of dessert, of which I had cupcakes in mind! I was going to make mini cupcakes, but could not find a pan, therefore I resorted to premade mini brownies! I still wanted to make my cupcake toppers, so decided mini brownies would do. This year we went through the whole alphabet during preschool, so I thought cute letters would be an appropriate topper.

First I took letters on word and colored them all. I picked the same font for my letters, but I could think of many fun things to do with different kinds of fonts. I printed them out on Avery Label stickers. I like using these since each sticker layout is preprogramed in Word to fit the label sheets. I made two of every letter and then attached them to a toothpick.

I cut these out in squares (some of which were not very even) but there are definitely lots of shapes that could be cut out for the stickers!

I then put them in the brownies (mini cupcakes would have been cuter!) and had a very festive dessert. I loved how quick and easy these were and will love to use this idea for many different parties. Really, the ideas are endless.

One last shot with my little preschooler and all the cupcakes! Enjoy!

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