Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bunk Beds!!!

This week I thought I would post a little something on a project my husband did (Linkbut I picked out!) and a little something about him! We have been doing musical furniture around here in preparation for the new little one. I knew we had to free up the crib (which Sienna was using as a toddler bed) so that the new little guy would have a place to sleep. The girls share a room, so we decided make them bunk beds. I found a design that I liked on Ana White's website. She has a bunch of easy DIY furniture, most of which I really like! My husband informed me that he had to tweek the plans quite a bit, so if anyone wants to try it be prepared for reviewing the measurements.

I love how the beds came out. After much dileberation, we decided to paint them white for the room. This part we paid to have done with a higher quality paint and had it sprayed on. No use in ruining the bed now! Since this was my husband's project there sadly are no in process pics :( I know, so sad. I thought I would show you some of the pieces of the bed and then it put together in the girls room!

These are the headboard and footboard for the full and twin ready to be put together.

This is the ladder painted!
This is the bed in the girls room ready to be used ( I actually have fallen asleep in it quite a bit already :)

The whole bed in the room. I love it and am super thankful for my husband doing this! It is a beefy bed!

I also thought I would show you my quick fix to my daughter's craft pile. My older daughter loves to do crafts ( I wonder why ;) and I love her doing them! The only problem is that she has been rather incessant on keeping all of her creations in piles on the dresser. I knew we were changing the room so this was one thing I wanted to incorporate into the new set up. So, we created a craft line. I just took 2 wooden toppers (found at Lowe's) and screwed them into the wall with a piece of wire in between them. I then had my daughter pick her favorite ones to display with clothespins and , viola, a much cleaner art area (and a happier mommy!)

I love all these and the best part is that she can rotate all her art as she makes more!

Ok, so this is a long post, but I wanted also to congratulate my husband on finishing his Master's Degree in Geosciences with an emphasis in Hydrogeology. He not only finished, but graduated with honors!!! I am proud of him sticking to it through 3.5 years if school, 3 kids, owning his own business, serving with our church and being a husband/father! I am super glad he is done and look forward to more adventures with him! Congrats!

Doesn't he look professorial!
After the graduation ceremony (Josiah is 6 days old!)

The best picture we could get of our family, at least they are all kinda looking at the camera, ha!

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