Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple skirts

So this past week I finally tackled a skirt project that I had been meaning to do for a while! I love summer and for me skirts are the perfect summer clothes. They are light, fun, bouncy and cool. In the heat they are super comfortable and yet cute. I really had wanted to make this for me, but alas, my girls got another skirt (but they're really cute!) I found a super simple tutorial on the blog MADE. You can see the tutorial here. I thought it would be good to see actually how simple the skirt was to make and how long it took me to make it.

I started out by measuring the waists and lengths of my girls. I then followed the guidelines on the blog to cut my fabric. This is how it turned out.

Since I chose a white fabric, I wanted to do a double layer skirt, so I also cut out a pink fabric for the second layer. After I did that I zig-zag stitched the two fabrics together. I don't have a serger, so I was not able to do any of the edging or seams with one, but it might me on my list for a fun toy to have! After that, I ironed the bottom seams down on both of the fabrics. I thought it would be fun to do a zig-zag stitch on the first layer and then a straight stitch on the second layer.

I then sewed the edges together and created the tube.

I used pinking shears to cut the excess fabric and then ironed it open. From this point on I followed the MADE directions and then...

Here it is all done and on Brooklynn. I really like how it turned out and the best thing was that it only took 1 hour to make it, seriously! This really is a simple skirt and I hope I can make more. I think I am going to attempt one for me next!

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