Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Display holder

We are currently full steam ahead in project mode. My brother is getting married in less than 1 month (yikes!) here in Chico. Since we live here I am becoming the keeper of all kinds of decorations, which I love! I was asked to make 10 of these display holders. I am not sure what to call them since they really can be used for anything. Pictures, name cards, postcards, the possibilities are endless. I got this idea from one of my favorite websites, Shanty2Chic. I really wanted to use all the scraps of wood that we had, so these ended up only costing about $2 each. Pretty good if you ask me!

I started with these pieces, some small clothes pins and some wood candle holders and round bases that I bought at Michaels.

I glued them together first with hot glue thinking that would be quick, well they didn't stick very well, so I went back and used wood glue! I like to preassemble them so that I know where I am spray painting. I had left over 2x6 and 2x4. I knew that 2x4 would be too little, so I cut two 7 1/2 in. long and placed them on top of each other. The 2x6 I placed vertical and the 2x4 ones horizontal. Here is the 2x6 pre spray paint!

I laid out all my projects and gave them a coat of almond color spray paint.

I then sanded them and used a dark walnut stain around the edges. After I did that I cut burlap to fit each of the rectangles and adhered them with spray adhesive and then put cute furniture tacks on each corner.

After I did this I used a glue gun to adhere the clothes pin and the embellishment. And we are done!

Notice the trike in the back, I love that I can work with my kiddos around!

Also, since I gave my brother and future sister-in-law their present, I thought I would show you all! I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Hope all are enjoying their summers! I am!

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  1. I love it!!! The present was so adorable:) Your thank you is on it's way!!! Thanks for blessing me so much!


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