Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Montage

We had some beautiful weather this week! I was so excited to be able to work outside and enjoyed every minute I could get. My mom and grandma were in town this past week and I enlisted the help of my mother to paint our shed (which is not the project I am going to show you :). We had enlarged it and wanted to paint it the same color as the playhouse. My mom helped me paint the playhouse almost a year ago and it was special for me because it was the last project we did together before she found out she had breast cancer. Since she had such intense chemotherapy it was a long road and she was quite tired. She is just now feeling back to her normal self and is able to help with some projects again! Whoo! It was a blessing for me to see her a year later feeling great (with shorter hair!) and back to her energetic self.

This last week I did take some time to change up the decor above my couch. I really wanted to make it more "me" and bring in more pictures of our family. I had seen so many different ideas that I wanted to incorporate so it was a fun project. Here is a before shot.

There were 3 pictures over the couch, boring! So I made some changes and love the way it looks now.

I made a picture shelf to hang on the wall, that way I was able to incorporate lots more pictures. I was able to take some old frames and spray paint them blue and green to add some color to the room. I used some frames that I had hidden away in a box and also bought a couple to make it complete.

 I used the rosette fabrics on the "D" as my inspiration for the color scheme. I am excited to make some pillows in the near future with these fabrics! I love the yarn wrapped everything that I have been seeing on Pinterest, so I included it in the montage.

I took the wood bunting that says family and made a quick decor piece for it to go on. I also used fabric covered buttons to adhere it to the board.

I also added a quick jute wrapped glass bottle for a vase to be on the shelf.  

I am super happy with this, a bit of an improvement that makes me happy. Sometimes it is the little things, right? Here is a quick side by side.

Have a fabulous day!

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