Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Projects...

I like to do a myriad of things. Looking back, I have always been dabbling in a bunch of different hobbies! In high school I played basketball, crocheted, always had a novel I was reading, played guitar, led a bible study, ran early in the morning and of course went to school. At different points in the year my life was more focused on one area than the rest. I just like dabbling in different things. I have been trying to determine what I really enjoy working with in the craft world. I wanted to focus my Etsy store on things I really enjoy and what would be most fun for me to work with. After lots of consideration and thought I decided I love working with wood and fabric. More than anything though, I love making things personal!! I decided that I want to focus on things that can be personalized. So, I am introducing my first wood and fabric products that can be personalized. Here are the first two for you to see.

 I love these miniature pendants that can go anywhere in the home. The pendant is wood and the letters are painted. They are 3.5 inches tall and 1/4 in thick. I love that these are small enough to make a statement without being overwhelming.

I also love this longer one. I think the wonderful thing about these is that they can be as long or short as you want. They can be personalized to be a name, a special memory or place. What about one that says "thanks" to use in a picture. I might just make one for my kiddos to hold for some picture thank-yous!

I am hoping to come up with more designs to put in the store, but I had to show these!

I also found this awesome tutorial on a baby blanket that I had to share. It is a triple stitched blanket by No Big Dill. You can find the tutorial here. She did some fun blankets with a simple edging to give it a quilted look and I loved it. This is the one I made. Looking  back I used a much bigger edging for the blanket and I used a satin edging. It is great to the touch, but not as easy to work with. I had a hard time getting the corners to look right, but I suggest using lots and lots of pins!

 I did a little embroidery to add a personal touch to the blanket.

 I stitched around the edging 3 times and followed the directions from No Big Dill. Worked like a charm.

Love this blanket, I kinda want to make one for myself :) Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

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