Monday, February 6, 2012

Brooklynn is 5 and a Rainbow party it was!

My oldest turned 5 last week. It is a bit of a milestone for me. Really, 5? Sniffle, sniffle. I felt like all mothers were telling me was to cherish the time when she was little, it goes by so fast (anyone else heard that?!) The reality though is that they are right, and now I find myself saying that. Brooklynn came into the world early on February 3, 2007 and was a little thing at 5lbs 3oz. I was having complications so I was induced 3 weeks early and had a very smooth and quick delivery. It was a fairly crazy time in my life as we were planning on moving the day she was born. We had just sold our house, found a rental and my husband had just changed jobs. It truly was a crazy time, but I know that God had his hand in that season of life. She was such a good baby and we truly are so thankful to have her apart of our lives. Here is a picture of her a couple days old.

Awww, I know so little. She has grown up into a fun, creative, talkative and kind little girl. Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

After much discussion we decided to have a rainbow party. I had seen a cake on Pinterest that I wanted to try out! The party was fun despite the fact that she had a double ear infection :( I was able to find a great printable package on Etsy that gave me some fun things to work with. You can check it out here. We played games, ate food and had fun. What more could we ask for! Here are some pictures from the party! 

I have to admit I loved the way the cake turned out. I was a bit leery when all the layers came out, but when I put it together it worked. I love it when thing work right the first time. I did buy a bag of skittles and had Brooklynn separate them all for me by color. She loves doing things like that and it worked out for me! I was then able to use them as decoration on the cake and table.

I also made a garland of circles in rainbow colors. I used a circle punch to make all the circles and then sewed them together. It was super easy but turned out cute. 

I also used a bunch of fruit loops to hold my pinwheels. I again had my daughter separate them and then I used some of the printables to put around the jars.

I liked how these turned out for a low cost. I think all the colors were so fun and the kids loved it.  One of the games that we played was hiding strips of colors and letting the kids find them. We sang a rainbow song and the kids had to hold up their color when we sang it. I also read the story of the flood from The Jesus Storybook Bible. I love this bible and the way that is is able to bring all of the stories back to Jesus. The rainbow is such a powerful reminder of God's covenant to us.

I know the 5 is the beginning of a new era: Bring it on school!

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  1. this sounds so amazingly cute!!! i love it!!!!! :) your girl is so cute too, and i cant believe she actually color coordinated the fruit loops:)

    love K


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