Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

I'll be honest. Valentine's Day is not big at our house. Don't get me wrong, I love pink, red, hearts and of course love. I am just not the gushy romantic type. I usually like to take my kids (and myself) out for a special treat and make them wear red. I say all this because I was so excited when one of my close friends said her mom was in town and wanted to have a Valentine's day party. My friend and her mom are super creative with a fun style so I knew they would have some fun things at the party! We are thankful that they are always willing to lovingly open their home. They did a great job setting up the party so I had to share it here. Sorry about writing about so many parties lately, but it's that time of the year in our house! Thanks Adrienne and Joanie for a very fun party!

On Valentine's Day my girls got their choice of hot chocolate or vanilla milk, with all the goodies on top of course!! The local coffee shop we went to even let them pick their sprinkles. Colorful hearts for my older daughter and colorful dinosaurs for my younger daughter!

Ok, first of all how cute is this. We were able to take pictures with this and doesn't this little guy look handsome :)!

 There were lots of yummy desserts. Chocolate dipped marshmallow pops, sugar cookies, licorice, cupcakes! The kids were ready to dive in the minute we got there. 

There were fun heart shaped peanut butter and jelly, straws with hearts on them, strawberries cut into heart shapes and red baby bel cheeses. One of my favorites is the gigantic metal heart in the back, fun huh?

I thought this chalkboard was super cute. I know that the picture is a bit reflective, but it is the verse John 3:16 with Valentine written through it.

I love this cute mantel with hearts hanging with bakers twine. She also made the garland of hearts out of magazine paper. Too cute!

Whew! I get tired just from showing you all the fun stuff. Thanks so much Adrienne for a fun time!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. wow! what a creative and beautiful party! Looks like fun! (and a lot of work!)


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