Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mom's Group Craft Day

This past week I had the privilege to be able to present some quick, fun and cheap gifts to the mom's group I am apart of (which I love by the way!). My friend Adrienne (who is really the creative genius) and I were able to pick a few of the many projects we have done and show them to our group. Instead of printing off instructions for each of the ideas we as super duper thankful for Pinterest where we can mark all the great tutorials out there for the projects we presented. The pin board on Pinterest that contains the tutorials for all of the gifts that we presented you can check out HERE. For those of you not familiar with Pinterest each picture can be clicked and it will take you to an individual website that should have the tutorial for that project (if it doesn't let me know!). I was able to make a couple of these projects and thought I would show you the quick finished product and how long and hard they were to make.

First I did a rosette necklace. I had seen these all over blogs and wanted to try one. It was pretty easy to make as I followed the tutorial on the pin board. It took about an hour to make and was made with only a glue gun, yea! All I had to buy was the chain which was $.99 for about a yard. I had scraps of fabric I used for the rosettes and some ribbon to tie it in the back. It only cost me $.99 to make this, that is a good deal :)

 I made this shirt really quickly following the reverse applique tutorial on the pin board.. I bought this shirt at the dollar tree and I had the knit fabric for the back from a skirt I had made earlier. I was able to make this shirt in about 30 minutes. It was super quick and I chose to use a zig-zag stitch around the heart so that my stitch didn't have to be as straight :). It was really easy to do and I would highly recommend trying this out! I am hoping this is a great shirt for Brooklynn!

I liked the contrast of the blue thread with the pink heart. This was super easy and I am always thankful for Ashley's (from Makeit-loveit) easy and user friendly tutorials.

Hope this was helpful! If anyone has questions, let me know!!!

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  1. Thanks, Kristi, for sharing on Monday and for posting how to find all the tutorials. I can't wait to make some of them! :-)


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