Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tangled and Trucks..

I have 2 little monkeys in my house that have their birthdays in May. This year I decided to have Josiah and Sienna's birthday together. Last year was a less than stellar birthday party for Sienna as her brother had just been born and had a very quick Dora party. It was basically a play group with cake. The girls have been into Tangled as of late and really wanted to have a Rapunzel party. I thought that would be fun, but did not want Josiah's first birthday to be Tangled (although the girls insisted that he could be Flynn Rider). I opted for trucks for the obvious reason, it also started with "T". To be honest I was quite heavy on the Tangled side, but there were some trucks in there for Josiah.

Probably the biggest thing I did was make a Rapunzel dress. I found a tutorial online here and used her pattern. Overall it was a great tutorial, but I changed a couple of things to make it simple. I also like to use satin fabrics for the princess dresses or they just end up looking like peasant dresses (true story, it happened!). Instead of making a cuff for the sleeve I just folded it under and sewed it shut and did the same to the hem of the dress. I thought the directions for the skirt portion were quite confusing, so I just designed my own to do it. Hope you enjoy this brief look at a fun party!

I also used regular ribbon for the middle instead of the rounded cord.

 3 Rapunzels all together!

I found a silhouette file for the suns used in Tangled! It was super easy to cut a bunch out to decorate with.

I really like reverse applique these days, so I made Josiah's shirt with a truck and number 1 in the corner. This is his one buddy that came. He was definitely outnumbered by little girls!

My mom dressed up like Rapunzel and read a book and did some princess Q&A. It was pretty awesome!

 She was really loving it, I promise ;)

After the big party we walked to the creek for a late afternoon swim. Rapunzel had to go swimming too! We had a blast and its hard to believe my baby is 1!

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