Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Pantry Done!!!

I saw a picture for this armoire on Ana White's site a while back (you can check out the build plans here). I loved it and knew that it would work great for a pantry. Our kitchen is awesome. I really love it, counter space is massive and there are lots of cabinets. The one thing it was lacking was a pantry. I knew exactly where one could go, but knew I would have to custom build it so that it would fit properly.

Here is the one from Ana's site, fun huh?

I was able to steal away some time from the kiddos to purchase all the lumber and get started on the project. And yes, I did have some poor soul take pity on me and help load the lumber on my car!  I had to adjust all the measurements on the cut list to make it fit my space. After I had all the correct measurements I cut all my pieces with a miter saw and began to piece together the cabinet. I decided to use screws instead of nails. I think if I had a nail gun it would be a good option, but screws just work better and are stronger. I put putty on the holes and sanded and painted. I was able to use my sprayer and I love it!  I thought it turned out well and I am super excited to be able to have a functional custom pantry, HORRAY!!!

Here are some pictures of the process.

I used wood glue and clamps to finish the edge on the top.

I did use a jig saw to cut the bottom out, fun!

These are not the correct hinges for this kind of door. I figured out by trial and error :) but they look pretty and my husband graciously made them work for me! :)

Some of you may wonder what my kids so while I am doing these things. On this occasion my kids were playing with play dough next to where I was building. For the record, I do not like play dough, it is so messy! It keeps my kids entertained for long periods of time, so I cave in and let them play. 

Yea for paint!

The girls really wanted to pose for me, so here they are in front of it, silly girls!

Here is a picture of it inside my house in its special spot. I love it!!!

In other news I am so proud to say that we have another walker!!! I love walking (and  he does too!)! No more dirty knees, seeing everything on the ground to put in his mouth and dirty places. So happy!

Please excuse the sidewalk chalk, just a reminder that we are a real home :)


  1. Kristi, YOU AMAZE ME!!! This pantry is SO cute! Love it:) Nice work:)

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