Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Halloween

This year my girls were so excited for Halloween. I think they finally have clued in to what Halloween is. A great mixture for children: dress up and candy (a kid's dream, right?). I tried to persuade my kiddos to be a theme. I thought Tangled would be fun since we had some of the costumes, but to no avail. The girls both wanted to be princesses. Since we have plenty of princesses dresses on hand I did not make much for them, but poor unsuspecting Josiah, he had no choice in the matter. I thought it would be fun for him be a dwarf since my oldest was going to be Snow White. So I made a cute little dwarf costume using this picture as inspiration.

Isn't he cute! I wanted to only use fabric I had on hand (and that is a lot!) so that dictated the colors. I thought he turned out to be a pretty cute little dwarf.

I added little patches to his elbows and had a Velcro back closure. It really isn't a complicated costume, but I had fun making it!

He did have a hard time keeping that hat on! I thought about making a beard, but it would only have lasted one second. 

I'm pretty sure he ate about 10 suckers that day. Every time I looked at him he had stick coming out of his mouth. He was so excited to be able to go it was great. 

Here are some of all the kiddos!

One of the bigger bummers of the day was that it rained. The kids didn't seem to mind, but I got soaked. The worst part has been that it got all their candy wet and now it is all sticky in their buckets. Who knew such a thing would happen? 

We also do some pumpkin carving before Halloween. I love it because we are able to add a little story about how Christ picks us, cleans us out and makes His light shine into it apart of the night. You can check out a good post and the story here. I remember doing this as a child so it is fun to continue the tradition. 

Here are some of the pumpkins we ended up carving. I'll be honest, I love it too because my husband does all the dirty work of getting the seeds out and cutting them all up. I just get to sit back and enjoy!

 Until next time!


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    1. Thanks Katie!!! Glad to see that you are back. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Kristi-
    It is always fun to read about what you all are doing - having fun!


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