Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little Catch Up

I am wondering how many of us realize that is is only one week until Thanksgiving?!?! How does that happen? I am currently in Reno enjoying the city while my husband attends a conference. All the kiddos are with me and I wonder how the days seem to go by so quickly. Our lives seem to blow by at breakneck pace and yet I want to savor the special moments that I have with my children. I am working on a post for next week but wanted to share some of the things we have enjoyed this fall...

COLORS!!! I grew up in Southern California where we didn't have trees that had colors change, just nasty Santa Ana winds that made me wheezy and dry. I love the fall here in Chico. The leaves are gorgeous!  It blows my mind that God would again take something as seemingly sad as leaves dying and falling off a tree and give them vibrant hues of reds, oranges and yellow to remind us that he is in the process of redeeming things. He is truly in the business of making things new!

Yeah! We drove up to an apple farm in Paradise to buy some apples. It was a great day; nice and chilly and the perfect weather for making some pie! 

We also were able to make it to a couple of high school football games. My husband played in high school and still enjoys watching, but it is hard to get to games with little ones.

We live close to Bidwell park and during the fall these wild turkeys can be found wandering our neighborhood. It is so foreign to me to see these guys outside our house, but they have become part of the fall tradition!

This year Sienna wanted to hold up the embroidery hoop fall decor that I made. I like being able to add a bit every year to our decor pile.

We also had the privilege of going to our friends house for a kid's hay maze. It turned out great and the kids did not want to go! Josiah found this hat and wanted to wear it around. It made me laugh seeing him in it and walking around saying, "hat, hat."

Hoping we all remember the joy of the season. We also had family pictures taken by a dear friend. You can check them out on her blog here. (Ok, this is mostly for my family, but anyone feel free to check them out!)

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  1. LLOOOOVVVVEEEEE the pictures Kristi....amazing!!!!!
    love Katie


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