Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little pattern review

Welcome to the New Year! I was not able to enjoy New Year's Eve as I had imagined. Instead of watching a movie and sitting next to my hubby welcoming in the New Year with joy I was hunched over a porcelain toilet. Not only was I sick, but earlier that night at the movie store my son had thrown up all over me, and the floor, and his clothes, lovely. I was hoping he would not share his bugs, but later that night the bug struck. So far 2013 can only go up! We are on the mend, but it is not a fun way to ring in the New Year!

Today I want to show you a pattern that I have used and some helpful hints I learned along the way. I always say when I make something with a pattern I want to make two. It seems that the first project is figuring out how things work and the second one usually turns out as it should.

I found this pattern at a local fabric shop and wanted to make this dress for my kiddos.

I took my girls to the fabric store to pick out the fabric for the dress. What they picked was NOT what I would pick, but I knew they would wear it if they liked the fabric. We compromised :) 

I really liked this pattern as it was really easy to understand. One of the best parts about the pattern is the range of sizes that this pattern covers, 2T-10!!! That is a huge range for a  pattern and I was very excited about that. If anyone has experience with patterns this is an easy one to work with. The only thing that was a bit tricky for me were the button holes. I think that might be my problem, but it does require button holes if anyone else has the same problem :). I also would recommend adding the pull over tags on the skirt after it has been attached to the bodice. The bodice is really easy to attach to the skirt and ended up being really cute. Here is the one that I made for my middle daughter. She was not exactly super excited to model her new dress. This is her best attempt. 

So, I waited til the next day and she was willing to give me this picture. 

Here is the dress by itself. I really like this dress pattern! I would have definitely picked different fabric, but as it is she loves it! 

Patterns can be intimidating but understanding them can really open things up to different projects. 

We are starting a huge project here next week so will be excited to show it to you soon!


  1. You are a talented lady. What a darling dress!

  2. Kristi-
    Keep up the great sewing projects! I love to see your creativity!
    Happy New Year!


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