Monday, January 21, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

The past two weeks have been busy!! While my husband went on a trip to Nepal, my mom came up and supported me while we had the bathroom overhauled. We planned it this way and it was as if the bathroom was calling out to be remodeled. It had so many problems including tile falling off the shower walls, a leaky toilet, cabinet drawers falling off, linoleum coming up, lights not working and a leaky sink. It was BAD! I really just wanted a bathroom that functioned but knew that we needed to get rid of everything. This post will be picture happy but I think you will see what a change it really is!

This was the before. Nothing too pretty.

We temporarily duct taped the missing tiles and tried to keep the rest in place.

And the missing bottom cabinet that fell apart a couple weeks before the change, and then the cabinet drawers fell off too, lovely.

Notice the massive cabinet and only one light working. Yep, it was gross.

Then demo started. 

Before the ceiling was this funky stuff on the left. I had no idea what it was but wanted it down. When we took it down there was awesome tongue and groove wood as the ceiling  Score!!! I decided to keep it, paint it and put molding around the top.

We put in a tube skylight which has been awesome. Those things bring in so much light and I am very happy we chose to put it in!

This is it! Yea!!! We put in the wood ceramic tile and I absolutely love how it looks! We also had granite panels put around the tub surround and on the vanity. I am not a fan of grout and wanted something easy to clean. I am a big fan of solid surface. It looks amazing and I am excited about the longevity and ease of cleaning! Yahoo!!!!
If anyone in Chico needs granite done Mirror Image granite did ours and did a great job. They worked so hard to get in done in the time frame I had and I am soooooo thankful!!!

I had some cute number hangers so I added them with some buckets, I am all about storage.

I also had a fairly large in the wall cabinet put in behind the door for more storage. I used a towel rack instead of a bar for functionality. I am adding artwork above the hooks which I will share with you next week!

I love these ceramic floors. It is tile, can you believe it?!?! It really looks like wood but has the durability of tile. 

One more look...

What a change, huh? More than anything I am thankful for a functioning bathroom and one that should last. Artwork will be on the blog next week!


  1. Wow, that looks so great! Good job!! You never cease to amaze me with all your projects :) We need to chat soon!

  2. Kristi-
    Your new bathroom looks real nice! you did a nice job!


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