Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bathroom Art

It is still birthday central around here. My husband and daughter have their birthday's one week apart. I am always trying to have time to get all the celebrations in the midst of normal life. So, I have finally gotten around to finishing these pieces for the bathroom. I went back and forth between making something simple or just buying pictures. I finally decided to make some simple cut out pictures, and if I hate them later they can always be changed. I started with 4 frames from Ikea. 

I then cut some bathroom shapes from my silhouette. I chose a bathtub, toilet, towel and sink and mirror. I then cut blue card stock to fit the frame. I used spray adhesive to adhere some of the pictures to the card stock, but it was proving to be messy so for the last two I used a glue stick. I think these could also be made with stencils or cutting out shapes by hand. (Side note: I liked how they turned out but my husband questioned what the toilet was as well as the sink and mirror. Make sure your images are distinguishable! Ha!)

Here are what they are like glued on.

I then laid out the frames as I wanted them on the wall on the ground. I took wax paper and traced their outlines and the position for nail holes on the paper. I then hung the paper up on the wall where I wanted the frames and then put the nails in the wall.

Works like a charm. I was glad to finally get these up and enjoy having something on the wall.

Have a great week!

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