Monday, April 4, 2011

A Fun Gift for Boys

I am so excited for this week! My mom is flying up today and I have a list of stuff for us to get done before the baby gets here! She is great at helping me accomplish certain tasks with a focused energy (which I need right now!) and she really is a blessing for me to do things with. Last year when we moved into our house she helped me paint almost the whole thing (trim, doors, walls, I mean all) before we moved in. I am hoping to show some of the projects that we are working on in the blog next week. It should be a fun week!

This is a project that I have been working on the past couple of weeks. I really enjoyed this project and think it is a great gift for a young boy. This was taken from Homemade by Jill. She has really great directions, so check out her blog. I chose to use a more lightweight material as I am not a huge fan of working with jean! The great thing about this present is I tried to use everything I had at home (I did have to buy one upholstery weight fabric) but otherwise I had everything! Cars are super cheap, so it is a fun, inexpensive gift!

First I cut the fabric according to the dimensions on the website.

Then I attached the pocket to the interior fabric.

I then cut the road and stripes and sewed them on. At this point I attached the back. I did not use piping on mine and thought it turned out great. Also, instead of using the car applique I just painted on their initial for the sake of time.

This is what the outside ended up looking like...

I then was able to cut numbers from the Silhouette machine with Freezer paper. It makes using freezer paper really easy. I saved my setting for the Freezer paper so I can go back and do it again!

I painted the numbers on...

Then painted on the initial that I had cut out from the Freezer paper.

This is how the outside turned out with the Velcro tie in the back.

This is how the inside looks!

I just added some cars and viola, a traveling car cozy!

Enjoy and looking forward to next week!

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