Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Sign

I know that I have been blessed with a great family, and the past couple of weeks has only confirmed that! Being that I am getting closer to my due date, many family members have offered to help. This past week my Mother-in-Law came to help us get the yard into shape. I love spring flowers, but I am definitely having some difficulty getting on the ground right now! Here are some pictures of the flowers we were able to plant.

I love having flowers at the house. My mother-in-law was awesome doing not only the beautifying, but also getting rid of a bunch of junk from all our projects!!!! She was a blessing to have around and so helpful to me. Thanks so much Joni for helping out!!!

Each year we(really my husband) plants a garden for us to enjoy tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and various other vegetables from the garden. I am by no means a green thumb, so he knows he has to put everything on drippers! This year we have sectioned off a unique portion of our backyard for the garden. I thought it would be appropriate to add a fun sign! (Yes, everything in our house may be labeled one day, ha!) I went to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and was able to find an old wooden frame window for $3!

Here is the window...

Here is a closer look. As you can see it needs some sanding. If I was going to hang this inside I would have probably put a couple of nails in it and put putty in the holes and edges, but since it was going outside I figured rustic was better!

I then sanded the whole window with my handy-dandy electric sander...

And painted it with the turquoise color that I wanted. I would recommend using any wood paint. I applied the paint with a foam brush which gave it a soft look. Another option would be to give it a good coat of paint and go back over it with a sander to vintage it.

I then went to my trusty Silhouette and cut out the words that I wanted. I used the premium vinyl which the box says will hold up outdoors for 3 years! I thought that would suffice!

Here are my words with some embellishments ready to be put on, which I highly recommend using transfer paper to do.

Here it is!

To hang the window, I drilled holes in the top of the frame and used twine to tie it to the fence.

We haven't planted our garden yet, but we are almost ready to go! Hope everyone had a joyous Easter!


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