Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Princess Dresses

I am enjoying the week here in Chico. My brother got married this past weekend and we had a great time celebrating the wedding. Pictures to follow, but I thought I would share an older project while I sift through some other projects to share!

While at the Disney store my older daughter saw these princess dresses.

Now, I like princess dresses, but these ones were out of my price range so I told my daughter that I would make her one, here en lies the challenge!

I first went to the fabric store and just bought plain cotton fabrics and began cutting. Looking back I should have bought a little fancier fabric since the Cinderella dress looked more like Belle's peasant dress than a ball gown :(

Unfortunately, I did not document the creation of these dresses as well as I would have liked since it was so long ago. I will say that having used a pattern previously helped me construct the dresses. I started with the skirt and made it with an elastic waist and then made the bodices the way a typical pattern would construct a top. I then sewed them together and had the whole dress. Since I had started with a plain fabric, and later realized it was too plain, I went back and added a shiny top layer fabric seen here...

This is the finished product with my ever so willing model!

I thought it turned out pretty cute and she loves it. I was hard pressed to get her sister to take a decent picture in her dress, so here it is on the couch, sad.

Looking forward to sharing some of the wedding projects with you!

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