Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My little desk

I love being organized. I realized I am just wired that way. I was the kid that organized their desk at school for fun. In elementary school I remember being appalled at kids who just stuffed their papers in their desk, really? That sense of organization has not gone away. When we gave our office room to have it be Josiah's room I lost my desk. My husband's got moved into our room, but I thought I could do without one. I was wrong. I seriously missed having a place to organize all the bills, family things, schedules, etc. and a small place for my laptop. I secretly eyed a spot in my house, just a nook really, and set to making it my area. I found a great small desk at Staples for $30, yea!! It was on clearance, but had character and was small enough to fit my space (and budget!) I took it home, opened it up and it was BROKEN!!! NOOOOO! I had already rearraged my room to make space for it and this desk was the last one. On clearance, no more, can't call other stores. So sad.

I turned to the blog world for a solution. After looking around I decided to make my desk. It was seriously easy and I could make it fit my space. Also the price tag was about $30 as well, much better than the prices I found online. Oh yea, did I mention it was the week of my brother's wedding? Yes, I am crazy!

First, I went to Lowe's and bought a 24" x 24" piece of precut sanded pine. I then went home and took some 2x4 scraps and cut them to create a 22" x 22" box.

I glued the sides together and bound it with a band clamp. My little helper loves being outside with me. While this was drying I spray painted the legs I had bought at Lowe's.

I painted them white and these were super easy to attach to the table. There is hardware that screws right onto the table and then the leg screws into the hardware. It is super easy. I then stained the 24 x 24 piece and glued it to the box. I attached to hardware to the underside of the top and then screwed in the legs. Viola, a desk. I love it and am ready to accessorize!

I made a shelf above the desk and love it. I found the hanger's at Lowe's and stained a 1x6 for the top.

Here's my little corner of the world!!! For now!

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