Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A quick cute pillow

 I love holidays. My husband doesn't have to work and it makes Sundays heavenly. This past weekend my husband took the girls to a friend's cabin overnight and I stayed home with Mr. J. I was just a little excited since I knew I could knock out some projects. Those are yet to come, but I thought I would post some pillows that I finished up for my brother's wedding. They were super quick and easy yet turned out super cute.

I was given these pillow cases and asked paint a Eiffel tower on them. I seriously love my Silhouette machine. I. love. it. I am able to go online anytime of the day and buy whatever image I like for $.99, and then it is mine to use whenever. Well, that is what I did with this. I bought the Eiffel tower image online and then cut an image out of vinyl. I then placed it on the pillow like this.

I then  used acrylic paint and a foam brush to fill in the image. I did make sure to press down the sides so the paint did not bleed through. You also could do this with freezer paper.

I then painted the image in (as you can see it looks like one big blob...)

I let it dry for a bit then pulled off the vinyl and viola. a cute throw pillow. I liked how these turned out and they did look super cute at the wedding reception.

I am currently working on something super fun and hope I can post it by the end of the week, so keep your eyes out!

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