Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skirt for me!

This past week my husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage, whoo! The years have flown by in one sense and yet it seems like yesterday that we were dating and in college. Can anyone relate??? I has been a great 8 years and I do truly feel blessed to be married to a man who loves me, our family and works hard for us. I am really looking forward to getting away with him for a couple of days this weekend without the girls , yea!!!! Well in the craft world, I have been working on some sewing projects for me. I loved the skirts that I made for the girls this past summer, but have wondered if it would look good on me. I really love skirts especially in the heat! I found some fun fabric from our local quilting shop, Honey Run Quilters and went to work.

I first picked a yard of fabric from the store.

I then sewed the ends together to make a tube and pressed them flat. Pay attention to the pattern of the fabric. Some fabric it will not matter, but with mine I wanted to line up the chairs and have them vertical on my skirt.

I measured and I wanted a 2 inch ruffle on the bottom, so I cut 4 four inch strips of the fabric I was using for the ruffle.

I then pressed the fabric in half.

I then sewed raw edge to raw edge keeping in mind the pattern of my fabric. I like to gather my fabric to make the ruffle while I am sewing it to the skirt. If you prefer to premake the ruffle just make sure you have enough fabric.

I then took the measurement of my elastic and sewed a tube about 1/4 of an inch bigger than my elastic. I threaded the elastic through the tube making sure to leave an open hole to be able to secure the elastic later.

Once it was feed through I did two zigzag stitches to secure the elastic and then sewed the hole closed.

Turn the skirt back out and that is it. This is a pretty lame picture of me wearing the skirt. You can see I was holding one of my daughter's while I was trying to get a decent picture of me in it. Some things you just can't win, ha! Just trust me, I love it. It is super comfy and only ended up costing $7! Yea! Hope your Tuesday is going well!

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