Monday, September 12, 2011

My new shop...

I thought I would begin this blog post before Josiah's birth. I was about 38 weeks pregnant and my mother-in-law told me they were replacing windows on one of their rentals. Ahhh...old windows!!! I asked her if I could kindly take the old ones off her hands. She was more than happy to let me have them. The only thing was they were about 30 minutes away and I was very pregnant. My almost 80 year old grandmother was in town helping me so I bribed her to come with me to pick them up. I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything with them for a while, but YEAH!!! 14 windows!!!  I think my grandma thought I was crazy and might have had a heart attack if I went into labor on the drive, but we made it. Anyway, all of that excitement to share what has become of the windows. Here are some of them. I was able to finish these with the help of my dear friend Adrienne and we have put them on Etsy.  You can check them out here, but I thought I would show you the windows on my blog as well! Also, the pictures were taken by our friend Danielle Albini and you can check out her cute blog here.

We combined the use of fabric and vinyl on most of the windows. I personally LOVE the fabric on the windows!

We also love the fact that you can use dry erase pens on the windows! So much fun!

Thanks for letting my share my corner of the world!!

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