Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quick Doll Carrier

Happy New Year everyone!! I have had a great couple of weeks with lots of family, food and fun galore! I am spending a couple weeks in Southern California and so I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from making things, but it couldn’t last too long! We were invited to a birthday party for one of my dear friend’s daughters. I have been thinking about making a doll carrier for a while and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make it happen. I fashioned this carrier after a Baby Ergo. My daughters loved playing with this and hopefully our little friend will too!

Doll carrier

This is a picture of the carrier with my ever-so-willing daughter modeling it. She was only willing to make crazy faces that day, so this is one of the best ones we have, but you get the picture of how it works :)

To start I used:

1 -  12 x 18 in. piece of fabric

2 – 4 x 45 in. strips of fabric

iron on interfacing

scrap fabric


This is the fabric I used for another carrier that I made. Mostly just extra fabric that I had saved in my stash.


I took one of the long strips of fabric and sewed wrong sides together.


I then flipped it inside out and pressed it to create a nice seam.


I then took the length of the strip and put the middle lined up with the middle of the 18x24 piece. The panel piece I finished with a hem on all four sides.


I then topstitched around the edges of the strip and sewed it to the panel piece. I finished the ends of the strip by folding the ends in and stitching it shut.


This is what the piece looked like after it had been sewn together.


I then sewed the other strip of fabric together and turned it inside out as shown above. I then sewed it with an X stitch at the top of the panel. To make the stitch start at one corner and make a straight stitch until you hit a corner. Leave your needle in and turn your fabric and continue stitching until you finish the square.


This is what it should look like when you are done. I then cut the strip in half and finished the edges. It should be tied around the back on the bottom and around the neck at the top. I also used interfacing and scrap fabric to add a monogram for the little girl that this was for.


My daughter also tried it on her back, but but preferred it on her front :) Happy New Years to you all!

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