Monday, January 16, 2012

Rope Bracelet

I am thankful to be back blogging after a couple of sick days and the end of our time in Southern California. Christmas always goes by in a flash and then it is the new year. Maybe some of you had seen these, but I had seen these bracelets on Pinterest and really wanted to try making them. I was SO sad when I couldn’t find them again (note to self, pin if I like!!). I looked and looked and finally found the tutorial. I was super duper excited! Here is a picture from sewcraftcreate and a link to the tutorial on her blog.

from blog_thumb

I thought I would show you what mine looked like and how they would turn out if you didn’t have a sewing machine handy and a couple other tips I found handy.

Rope bracelet

The directions on her blog are excellent! I found that I really preferred to use a fabric that frayed well instead of one that was stiff. I didn’t use any knit, but I’m sure those would turn out well. Also, using a needle and thread was nice to be able to attach the buttons with out having to get up again (yes, I am lazy!).


This is what I started with. I found that it was just as easy to use a needle and thread rather than a sewing machine to sew the ends to the main fabric. I loved that I was able to make these while watching a movie :)!


Here is a picture of my close up stitching! I know, not so straight, but it works!



I followed her directions and ended up with this. These were fun to make and definitely a quick project. I have lots of new projects to finish this year which I hope to show here. Thanks for reading!

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