Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick shirt

I had seen this shirt on Pinterest and thought it would be so fun to make. It looked really easy and I thought if I could make it pretty quick it might be worth my time!! My cousin has moved to the same town where I live and so we had a fun night of watching a movie and I sewed this top. Fun times for an old lady like me! Ha! The shirt I used for inspiration is located here.


This is the fabric I picked for my shirt, it wasn't my absolute favorite, but I like making things twice. The first time I figure out all the bugs with the pattern and the second time it usually turns out perfect (ok, not perfect but much much better!) So this fabric was in the clearance section so I could take a shot at it!

First I measured the widest part of my torso. It is usually in women's hips, so it is a good place to start and then I added 1 inch for seam allowances and cut two rectangles measuring length by how long I wanted the shirt. I first sewed the sides together and left about 5-6 inches open for the armholes.

I then pressed the seams open and sewed the armholes down.

I then folded down the top of the tank about 2.5 inches and sewed the tube closed.

I then folded and ironed a hem on the bottom of the shirt and sewed the hem.


I then cut 2 feet of fabric about 4 inches wide and folded over the fabric right side to right side. I then sewed it closed and turned it inside out and ironed it flat.

I then put the fabric through the two tubes on the top of the shirt that I had created. I tied it off on the side of the shirt. Here it is on me (let me just say I do not like posing, ha!) It took about 1 hour and I think I am ready to do another one in a solid color. Should be fun!

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